A massive rotator cuff tear refers to a tear that prevents normal repair of the torn tendon back to bone. For a review of rotator cuff tears and their treatment, please visit our rotator cuff tear section here. Patients with massive tears often exhibit signs and symptoms that have been associated with poor outcomes after... read more »

The biceps is a muscle in the upper arm that helps flex the elbow, supinate (face palms of the hand upwards) the forearm, and to a small degree flex the shoulder. This discussion focuses on injuries to the biceps muscle/tendon unit in the shoulder joint. There is also a biceps tendon further down the... read more »

Shoulder instability is when a person suffers from a shoulder dislocation or the feeling of the shoulder “slipping out” or feeling “unstable.” This can occur from a traumatic injury such as falling or contact during a sporting event. A smaller percentage of people have atraumatic or “multi-directional” instability... read more »

Shoulder arthroscopy (also known as a “shoulder scope”) is a surgical procedure where a small camera (the arthroscope) is placed inside the shoulder joint to allow complete visualization of the joint and... read more »

Shoulder replacement, or Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA), is replacing a worn, arthritic shoulder joint with an artificial joint made of metal and plastic parts. Different types of shoulder replacements... read more »

The term “SLAP tear” is an acronym for Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior tear. It refers to a large family of tears to the labrum (thickened cartilage and ligaments) on the upper part... read more »

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