Knee Injury Treatment
Knee Ligament Injuries
The most common ligament injured is the ACL, followed closely by the MCL. These are usually injured during sporting activities, and usually occur after contact or a twisting/pivoting motion without contact. PCL and LCL/PLC injuries usually occur after higher energy injuries such as high-speed collisions or motor vehicle accidents. These ligaments... read more »
Patella Realignment & Stabilization
Patellar realignment or stabilization is a group of surgical procedures used to change or stabilize the tracking of the patella on the femur as the knee bends. These surgeries are used to treat patellar instability (dislocation of the knee cap), and... read more »
Meniscus Surgery
The meniscus is a gasket-like structure in the knee that helps cushion and spread out the contact pressures during weight bearing. Each knee has both a medial (inside) and lateral (outside) meniscus that sit between the thigh bone (femur) and... read more »
Limb Realignment
Limb realignment is a group of surgical procedures, also known as osteotomies, that re-orient and re-direct weight bearing forces through... read more »

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