Hip Injury Treatment
Hip Impingement & Labral Tears
Hip impingement is when there is abnormal contact between the femur and acetabulum during normal movements of the hip joint. This can be caused by an femoral head that is not perfectly round (Cam type impingement) or a acetabulum that is too deep (Pincer type impingement). Often both the head and the socket have... read more »
Hip Abductor Repair
The hip abductor is a group of muscles, similar to the rotator cuff in the shoulder, that allow the pelvis to remain level with the ground as we walk. It also helps stabilize the hip joint during movement, and is extremely important in the normal movement and functioning of the... read more »
Hamstring Tears
Most tears happen during athletic activities during quick sprinting episodes, jumping, or quickly changing directions. A “pop” is often felt and immediate pain is noted in the back of the thigh. This occurs when the connection of the hamstring to the pelvis tears away. Alternatively, some patient feels more of a hamstring strain with more... read more »

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